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A "Ryzoft" is the type of person you don't want to be friends with. Every hour, minute or second you talk with them, your IQ lowers. Along with lower IQ, you lose some brain cells just from their existence. A "Ryzoft" is a loser who stays in his mother's basement and is a hypocritical faggot. Ryzoft thinks hes cool for being the "Viceroy" of a dying ROBLOX Clan, known as The Robine. However, he can't take criticism, and is extremely arrogant. The only reason why he's Viceroy is because his cherished boyfriend, Gavineo can't afford to move him down a few ranks. Ryzoft is always entitled to his own opinion, if you say 1+1=2, and he thinks it's 3, don't be surprised.
Ryzoft is such a faggot, no wonder why everyone avoids him.
by FOR ARCON! August 01, 2018
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