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Rylee Layne Is the SHIT !!! most amazing girl, always there for people when needed, doesnt seek attention, likes friends but doesnt beg for them, has alot of people who concider her a friend but has a very closed circle, doesnt trust many people and is very gorgeous, beautiful and stunning. goes thru things on her own, keeps alot of things inside, makes friends as easy as she loses them, people think of her as an attention seeker but shes a hermit, stays home on the daily, loves spending time with family, rarely goes out but when she does its ON! loves people who try to be there for her, has many family members who keep her sain, she is a very unique, loving and caring person. dont lose out on a girl like her, she'll knock your socks off !!

Rylee is the best !
Rylee Layne is awesome beautiful and will always be there for you
by niggaaaa's. November 14, 2013
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