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Paying homeage to New Englanders, It is customary to blindfold self and line up three willing female parties in a row. One, and only one of these parties must be on the rag. You then precede to perform cunnilingus on all three parties; blindfolded. You must use sense of taste to identify the one with the bloody, rust tasting, clot-laden, hairy, cunt. When detected this culinary mystery you must scream aloud, "That's aint Chowdah!" to win.
Hey Chadwick, I was down the Vineyard the other day on fathers yaught and tried my hand at some Rusty Clam Digging with Hildigard and the girls! Boy does my tummy ache and my lobster apron is covered in blood!
by Herman Mung Ster October 21, 2011
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