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when you are having gay sex and you decide to fart in the sexual partners asshole. you then proceed to have sex with a fucking donkey. while you are jerking off to the intercourse between a dog and a hamster. if you havent had enough of that, then you just so happen to suck hard cock between two old men with saggy balls. you then like to give your daddy an angry unicorn and then spew bloody feces all over his face. if thats enough, he also likes to shove a corona up his dirty stretched asshole. he likes to finger his butthole while he shoves a sharpie marker up his loose ass and suck the balls of his dog while his cat spews queefs all over his cucumber.
oh my god, that sick mother fucker just gave that kid an rusty bobby. i mean seriously, that was some sick fucking shit. he nutted all over bobbys face.
by burntash December 31, 2007
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