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To get woman to place bills, businesses, credit cards, PO boxes in their names to cover where you are for the IRS, Child Support, and people you ripped off.

To control, physically abuse, isolate, and use.

To con people into thinking that you have assets and knowledge.

To be a drunk.

Convince people to believe that those that you burned, actually burned you & those words on the internet are not true.

To say the words I will pay you back and really mean...I will be long gone before you catch onto the truth.
by someone e3lse May 26, 2011
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1.a) To run a company into the ground. b) To be an officer in a series of campanies that tanked.

2. To chase investors for operating capital while the company is tanking.

3.(Future tense) To clean out you office in the middle of the night and skip town with the checkbook.
1.That ass-clown has the kiss of death. He can russ grove a company in a matter of weeks.

2.Anybody seen the CEO? He must be out russ groving at the county club.

3."Park the Porsche on the street tonight, Cassie. I've got to russ grove before payroll checks bounce and the IRS shows up."
by Clamp Shire August 21, 2006
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