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A Runescape erection nerd is an experiance a Runescape nerd first experiences when quitting the game.

A Runescape nerd quits and then goes outside into the real world for the first time and sees an ugly woman then gets his first erection. Runescape nerds usually walk around Gayscape and ask virtual girls to become their girl friend. The virtual girl will accept only if he is rich in the game. They do not know how each other look like nor have they meet in real life. Maybe it's big foot on the other computer.. who knows. The Runescape nerd then asks the virtual girl to "talk dirty"
The virtuall girl starts talking dirty then the Runescape nerd experiences sticky stuff coming out of his sex organ. The Runescape nerd then asks to do in-game emotions such as "headbang" The 3 pixel character then performs "headbang" for the Runescape nerd to enjoy.
runescape erection runescape nerd examples:

Gayscape hater boy playing as woman: hey
Runescape nerd: wanna be my gf or marry me
Gayscape hater boy playing as woman: do I know you asshole? picking up girls in this 4 pixel game GO GET A LIFE FUCKTARD
Runescape nerd: reported noob
Gayscape hater boy playing as woman: whatever no lifer what was the last park you visited??
Runescape nerd: falador park

by THE KILLAAAAAAAAA August 22, 2008
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