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Anything, at any time in the history of the world that has any significance toward the general population of the world, CAN AND WILL have at least one (1) conspiracy theory to go with it.
Normal guy- Did you hear they finally killed Osama Bin Laden?

Conspiracy Theorist- No man, they're just telling us that through the media that's run by the NWO. They really captured him and are keeping him in a prison cell in the underground bunker of the White House where they keep Elvis, Jim Morrison, Saddam Hussein, and the reanimated corpse of Ronald Reagan who "really" gives all the orders to the current president in coded messages through his Alpha-Bits cereal every morning. Use your head, man. Think all the time, don't let THEM catch you unaware or they'll implant a chip in your brain and have complete control of you, man. *adjusts tin foil helmet and mumbles under their breath..."THEY ain't getting into my head,man."*

Normal Guy- I knew rule 751 would come into play pretty quick with this.
by Eustace Baggs May 03, 2011
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