Ruby On Rails is the next generation web application development framework, it allows developers to write beautiful code by favoring convention over configuration.
Ruby On Rails, also referred to as Rails or RoR is used by some of the leading Web 2.0 applications on the internet today and was ranked as the number one technology you need to know about in 2007.
Boss: Do you know anything about Ruby On Rails?
PHP Developer: I've heard its more hype than anything else, nothing that can't be done with PHP.
Boss: Your fired. *Should have hired someone who can think outside the box*
by Ivan V August 11, 2007
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A web development technology that has more hype than popularity. It's a popular first choice of develoepr that don't intend to actually be around when the product is finished or put in to production. It allows for really flashy demos that impress bosses while being backed with nothing.
This job is about to go away so I think I'm going to use Ruby on Rails for the last month or two before I leave.
by Rails Programmer September 19, 2006
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