Even tumblr veterans don't know what the fuck it is
person 1: Dude what's an rss feed?
person 2: how the hell should I know
by tumblr veteran April 8, 2014
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RDF Site Summary (or RSS in short) is a type of web feed that is available on a website (which are mostly blogs, newspapers, etc.) that uses a computer readable format that can be read by an RSS reader in order to give updates for a user. Think of it as one of those e-mail news subscriptions, but instead, its a URL that can be read by copying it in an RSS reader and the RSS reader will give the user information, like a download page, or the page o the article, the date it was posted and the title. The RSS reader will do it's job by grabbing the feed and letting the user organize it by date, by feed or by name. However, RSS feeds are also used by podcast listening apps, since all podcast have RSS feeds that contain the title, date, and most importantly, the URL of the podcast audio, so that the podcast app can have access to the audio, so yeah, Spotify podcast depend on the RSS feed
me: I subbed to the RSS feed of youtube channel MArkiplier, IGN Review newspaper, WIRED online magazine and the feed of the Penumbra podcast.
by setfna January 30, 2022
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