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A row job, also known as a roey, is a sexual act involving 3 men and one woman or man. Said man or woman then has one man sit in front with the other two besides them. Whilst giving the two men besides them a hand job they give the person in front a blow job. They do all of these actions as if they are rowing a boat.
Dude, you'd be surprised by how good a row job is.
by aww rats April 03, 2017
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-Hey man, I saw you in that boat; are you on the crew team?
-No way, I'm not fag. I was just out getting a row job from the asian lady that does your sister's nails.
by Dirt Man Doo Doo January 11, 2010
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A sexual favour by a person named Rowan.
"A Rowjob is better than a handjob, but not as good as blowjob."
by Vaseline Queen April 12, 2016
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