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A safe sex practice. Involves three steps. 1. Put a condom on your penis. 2. Unravel another condom and fill it with a few drops of Franks Red Hot Sauce. 3. Put the hot sauce condom over the condom that is already on your penis. This should only be used on dirty girls. If the hot sauce condom breaks, the girl will begin to scream, and you will know that you have to double up the condoms again.
Guy #1: Hey dude, I had sex with Jenny last night

Guy #2: Oh no bro, I'm pretty sure she has AIDS

Guy #1: I'm not worried about it, I roscommon wrapped my dick, I had to double it up three different times

Guy #2: Good call, her vagina is probably still on fire
by Joe Breezy January 10, 2011
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