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{roo-may-tuss in-ter-up-tuss}

Occurs when playing hide the sausage and a chick's room mate unexpectedly bursts into the studio apartment they share with three cats, thus prematurely ending the hawt sex.

Unfortunate results include but are not limited to massive blue balls and the dreaded, inexplicable snatch attack.

See also cock block.
A textbook example of roomatus interruptus:

(dude) "Aw yeah babe, we're totally DOING IT right now and it's great!"

(chick) "Oh yeah, this is way fun! Let's do this until you orgasm then I'll make you a sandwich with my roomie's lunch meats."

(dude) "That's sounds gr--"

(fat room mate, interrupting) "Hey guys I'm home!!! Did you feed the cat?"
by doobster January 21, 2008
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