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A once great clanless player and master of Counter-Strike 1 and 2 who normally went by ronin until he became the DrunKeN GoD due to excessive amounts of rum and coke, (mostly Heaven Hill rum but sometimes Captain Morgan.) When he achieves the perfect state of drunkeness becomes nearly invincible racking up scores of kills in the double digits while obtaining zero deaths. When he has surpassed his limits he tends to have much fun blocking, stabbing, flashing and shooting his teammates. Though he specifically chooses and targets certain teammates, normally those who are cocky pricks. But he will still have fun with the "cool" teammates who aer his "homies." His skills and personality commends respect.
Opponent 1: Wow that guy is pretty good for a fucked drunk who can't even type.
Opponent 2: wtf now he's killin his own teammates.
Friend 1: God damnit stop you fuckign prick!
Friend 2: lol hahaahaha
ronin: lololololz q:- )
by ronin February 18, 2005
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