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The rofl monster a distant relative to the big blue bear from the "hug in a mug" advertisements, however he is neither friendly nor does he gives hugs. he is a crazy psychotic monster that dwells in rehab for his addiction to snorting santa claus's man juice. If one describes the physical appearance of the rofl monster, then he will hunt that person down and visciously bum them until they have no anus left. The rofl monster's victims have often been admitted to mental hospitals after their dreadful experience
Gregg: Oh cheesus, Steven was visited by the rofl monster after describing him to Lucy yesturday
Dave: Nooooooooooo! hows his anus?
by muckley May 22, 2008
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the beast within you that makes you laugh at completely inappropriate times, like a funeral, a breakup, when someone tells you of an ailment, or a dramatic movie that matters to the person you're watching it with
i was at my girlfriend's grandpa's funeral, and my roflmonster came out at the worst time possible!! i couldn't control it at all, but i didn't care for some reason
by Adam Henaghan March 22, 2008
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n.: One who uses rofl, lmao, rotflmao, lol, etc. wayyyyy to much.
jim: wanna hear a joke, bob?
bob: sure, jim.
jim: two peanuts were walking down the street.
bob: k..
jim: was "assaulted"..
jim: dude you're such a roflmonster..
by that.girl June 04, 2007
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