The act of anal intercourse...’browning’ the ‘robert’. 19th century slang. Used in ‘Tipping the Velvet’ by Sarah Waters
Rent boy parlance: 2 shillings for a shuffle, 1/2 crown for a suck, or a sovereign for a Robert Browning.
by Willow Moon February 3, 2018
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Robert Brown is the kind of guy who words will never be able to fully describe. He's the guy who is there for you when you are down and will celebrate with you when you are happy. He doesn't find himself attractive yet he manages to be the cutest and sexy man you know. The respect he gives you will out way anything you've ever experienced before and it'll make you feel like the Queen(or king) you are. The effort Robert Brown puts forth makes you melt like ice cream on a hot summers day and the happiness you feel from it makes you love him more and more. Despite being shy in person, he definitely not shy in bed. Those strong hands make you feel safer than ever. If you ever get a Robert Brown, the worst thing you could do is let him believe he isn't worth it. He'll make you worth it to him, and you should never let him go.
Girl #1: OMG this guy is so amazing, he's not just boyfriend material, he's husband material.
Girl #2: Dang girl!!! Sounds like you got yourself a Robert Brown!
by SSmnyoduesp March 10, 2017
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