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The road rat rode his motorcyle into the parking, put the down kick stand down, slide off the bike, dusted himself off, and walked into the bar to order a beer.
by Joe Crowder February 15, 2005
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One who travels with a backpack and moves place to place eating out of trash cans. Also picking at people's curbside leftovers, sleeps in abandon buildings , never showers, nappy hair, smells really bad. A favorite of the roadrat is piles of 2nd hand clothing that is not washed and preferably pissed stained rags. Also is an extreme hoarder. Usually can be seen in the company of a hoodrat, whorebag, and a dopefiend always pushing there favorite form of transportation a shopping cart.
I seen that roadrat in three different cities.
by Itstreality June 10, 2018
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