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When you are fucking a girl's vaj and say to the girl "im about to cum babayyyy" and finish her in a cream pie and tell her "not my problem now bitch"
Rigger Dan: "IM about to cum babayy"
Eva: "on my face baby on my face baby on my face"
Rigger dan(as cumming in her vaj take it out and say): "not my problem now bitch

by Dan and Dan April 16, 2008
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Derived from a video featuring pornographic actress 'Eva Angelina' being inseminated despite earlier claims from 'Rigger Dan' the man whom was boning her, assuring that he wouldn't--yet did anyway. To add further insult to injury, Rigger Dan, as graciously as a jerk can be then tells the whimpering Eva that it's "Not my problem!" and leaves her be to simper in his liquid children.

To be a Rigger Dan frankly speaking, is to be a conniving, autonomous rascal who burdens others with little to no concern to the consequences their peers may now face, but they do not.

Example of how to correctly use the term 'Rigger Dan'.

Kevin: I'm going to be gone for a month, alright John? Can you feed my cats while I'm gone? Here's my spare apartment key for whenever you can stop by. See you later!

*two weeks later*

Albert: What's up man, how's it going?

John: Not much, just chillin'.

Albert: Hey what's this?

John: Oh, those are Kevin's house keys. He's gone for the month, wants me to feed his fucking cats or something.

Albert: When was the last time you fed them?

John: Who gives a rat's ass? I'm getting high; that's more important right now.

Albert: Don't you think his cats are fucking dead by now John?

John: Not my problem, wasn't my problem. I'm not the one with dead cats.

Albert: Way to be, Rigger Dan.
by T.G.S October 31, 2010
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