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To "ride one's cerrage (see cerrage)" is to display and exude high self-esteem and confidence through one's body language, words, and/or actions. This phrase often goes hand-in-hand with the expression "in the eria." Upon acknowledging the presence of someone important by saying that they are "in the eria," the speaker than adds "ridin' his/her cerrage" in order to signify the presence of the subject's self-confidence. This phrase is often used when referring to an accomplishment or someone's overall excellence. Used in the same context as being "in the zone."
"Dude, Max just demolished that guy in Halo! Max in the eria, ridin' his cerrage!"

Trav: Joe's spittin' game at that chick over there, and she's going for it. Sucha beast!
Drew: He's definitely ridin' his cerrage.

"Katie's into jerks, big macho guys who are full of themselves. You've really got to ride your cerrage if you wanna impress her."
by Jbeezy01 January 27, 2008
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