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A female that aint 'fraid of going to jail for her man.. Never rats him out and takes it all for him... Is down for anything will scrap for him no matter how big the mofo is... Is ready to go to whaeva lengths she has to ta make sure food is on the table... strip, sell.. jo0 name it.. Cleanz and co0ks for him and takes care of the fam and lets no one come between what they have she would even kill for him
I'm a ride or die down ass bitch.. I got the sass and I ain't 'fraid to go to jail for my man.. been there done that Ready to do it again for him... I have fought males 3x the size of me for him and I ain't 'fraid to kill for him... You fuck with him then it's your fault not mine His house is always clean when he comes home the baby is always fed and taken care of and his plate of food is always made and hot I hustle for him and I was hustling your money when he got laid off... SO get like me bitches
by BadAzzBitch August 09, 2009
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