Richass and bitchass as defined by two urban dictionary contributors:
Richass: "A person who is rich...selfish...and conceited with their money."
Bitchass: "Someone who gets on your nerves badly."

And with that, a richass bitchass: A rich, selfish snob who feels that being rich isn't quite enough, so they like to wreak havok by exploring into the nerves of "those others" (who in their eyes bear little to no difference than to a Taco Bell or a McDonald's visit, or to a Toyota Camry purchase for that matter). They even have enough money to make crawl on your knees to pick up the money they left for you. Do not reassure them of their richness, friends, as it may bring forth the bitchness.
This guy walks off on me while I'm handing him his change. Fucking richass bitchass.

paris hilton
by an envious mcdonalds cook August 21, 2010
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