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A person can be male or female of any age who is petulant, wasteful, and loose in their morals, and usually a shitty parent who is self centered and can give two shits about their children who are often left with sitters. They typically behave in ways that are not considered appropriate for their social standing, date losers without jobs, and often flaunt their money (their parents money) around openly. Usually born into a wealthy family they have no self earned wealth. They often lead excessive and wasteful lives supported by someone else's wealth other than their own.

"All she talked about at lunch was how much money she spent at Frock Candy, she even brought the receipt to show us, what a piece of rich trash."

"She insists on showing off her new Panaroma that she bought for her unemployed bf, she wonders why everyone thinks she's rich trash, little does she know that car looks like a roach."
Dat girl is rich white trash
by Abita Strawberry June 04, 2014
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