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A type of car that Puerto Ricans drive. It comes in two varieties.

1. A supped up Mitsubishi that is driven for the sole purpose to steal money from stupid white boys.

2. A car with a blue Hundai body, a black Mazda left door, and a white Honda right door and hood. The white is usually primar, but it can be the actual color of the door/hood that was scrapped from the Puetro Rican's brother's junkyard. Under normal circumstances, this car seats 4-5 people, but in the case of the Rican-Mobile, it seats 12-15 grown Ricans in wife beaters with their nieces and nephews in the trunk.
#1: Did you see that phat rican-mobile? It was off the hizzy.

#2: I'm not driving with you in that rican-mobile. For all I know there is no floor.
by Pablo, King of the Spaniards October 19, 2004
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