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here's a little follow up on the rhode island girl definition i wrote earlier. i left out some stuff (im bumble bee x)

rhode island girls are the best. we're not cheap sluts or whores - we're pretty awesome kickass chicks. we're either irish or italian - sometimes we're both. we have sand in our hair, coffee milk in our hands, a fake id in our bag (not that we need one anyway .. cause the bouncer always lets us in) and there might be a tatoo somewhere on us that we got on federal hill. we go clubbing with the family ("i know a guy"), and our brothers and cousins will beat your ass if you mess with us. you know, we might just beat your ass ourselves. we live for hockey. we've been raised to be the best. and you what - we are. we drive fast and we walk slow. we're fearless. and yes - that is a mercedes i drive. i got my rims on federal hill. we throw mean punches. we're smart. we're gorgeous. we like politics and speaking our mind. sometimes - we just wanna party. nobody intimidates us - we intimidate them. no, we dont talk like we're from boston - we talk like we're from rhode island. cant understand us ? fuck you ! "bubbla" does not mean "bubbly." garlic - becomes 'gaaalic.' the day that comes afta friday is not saturday its "sad-day." you dont drive a car - you drive a "ka." we cook a lot. we live for the beach. we've got sand in our toes. our state is still run by the mob - and we like it that way. we are proud to say that we own things that 'fell off the back of the truck.' you say our state is corrupted ? fuck no - its normal. we arent afraid to throw some douche bag in the river at providence or shove you off a dock in newport. we brave the cobblestone streets of providence in heels. we party it up in hell. the phrase 'mother fucker' is used a whole damn lot. but of course itll be said as 'motha fucka.' we are proud to say that we know a guy. our uncles are cops, our dads run the government and the hill, our moms cook a whole lotta shit, we party with our brothers and cousins, the same brothers and cousins will beat your ass, we're like jersey girls - only better, my cousins can sell you rims, and you can party with me. we are rhode island girls - and we're damn proud of it.
by bumble bee x December 02, 2007
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similar to the jersey girl, rhode island girls are sexy as hell and we know how to party. we've got a great sense of style and know about 50 guys (most of which are our cousins) who will beat the shit outta you if you mess with us. we live at the beach, in newport, in providence, jamestown, wherever - and we party everywhere. we've got a certain attitude and we're not afraid to voice our opinion. we've got a mouth on us - and we'll use it too - bottom line - nobody messes with a R.I girl. we're not afraid to throw a punch or two. we can often be seen drinking del's or coffeemilk, partying in clubs, living it up on the beach, screaming at a hockey or basketball game, wearing a patriots jersey, and strolling around anywhere - whether it be our college campus or federal hill. we walk tall in heels - and you'll recognize us when you see us. we love hockey, basketball, and football - and we'll kick your ass at either one. we know how to walk on cobblestones in our jimmy choos and mini dresses and know how to party like theres no tomorrow. we've got that certain accent. we leave out r's and any word that ends with an 'er' suddenly ends with an 'a'. (lobster = lobsta) - you know you've heard it before. we are incredibly sweet and rhode island wouldnt be the same without us.
rhode island ain't run by the mob - its run by rhode island girls !
well, actually it is run my the mob.

boston ass wipe: "hey, hey sweet thang ! come ova here you rhode island girl ! ima show what these island boys cant do !"
rhode island girl: *in heels - no less* "fuck off ! rhode island ain't an island ass wipe ! hey, brad - ryan, go fuck up that boston douche bag !"
brad and ryan: "hey ! asshole ! dont you fuckin dare go near my cousin !"
*brad and ryan beat the shit outta the boston punk*
by bumble bee x December 02, 2007
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