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Rhandelle was bron when the seven spawn of satan had an incestual orgy. The most grotesque of them all became pregnant. It attempted an abortion which failed. It soon laid an egg, which was put in a barrel of acid and dumped in the sewer. Rats found the egg, chewed it apart and chewed the hideous premature fetus. One day a Nathan was playing in the sewers and he discovered it. He thought it was cute and took it home to parents who let him keep it. He breastfed, (that's right, he) it daily. One day it got too big to hide from the rest of the world so it was bestowed upon Randall from Disney's Recess. Randall and Ms.Finnster took turns fornicating with it and gave it Dirty Sanchez's amd the like. They decided to name it Rhandelle shortly before releasing it into the wild. It was very lonely and became insane and began to mutate and become disfigured. It soon joined a fish cult. (It's disgusting face resemble's a fish.) It was put into an arranged marriage with an old, stinky, putrid, fat, gimped, hairy, deaf, blind, retarted but not impotent lobster. It was the opposite of impotent actually. They moved away to escape the cult ways. They moved into a small shed with hundereds of rats which they had beastiality orgies with. Eventually the lobster wanted money so it taught Rhandelle it's only skill besides poor fucking ability which is sign language. It became a sign interpreter and is currently employed at Cunard Junior High School, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The rest is uninteresting but terribly funny if viewed personally.
*The above is not meant to be viewed as hateful, but a true(while under the influence of narcotics or alchohol) biography.
"Stupid Rhandelle ratted on me for chewing gum in class again today. God, can't she just do her job helping that stupid deaf bitch?"
by Niloc February 21, 2005
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