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The revision game is played by students in the days before a major exam, in which everyone lies about the amount of revision they have done, typically claiming to have "not opened a book".

It may be a form of psychological warfare, designed to put others off their guard by appearing to be less competitive than one really is.

An alternative theory is that the revision game is a more co-operative phenomenon, where everyone lies about how much revision they have done to boost the confidence of their peers, and their peers do the same in return.

For whatever reason, all students are compelled to play the revision game, despite a mutual understanding that it is all just a bluff.
Matt claims he's not started revising for the exam tomorrow, but I know he's just playing the revision game.

Of course I told him that I haven't opened a book either, but he won't be fooled.
by iMacThere4iAm January 21, 2010
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