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This is a phrase use in drug culture relating to taking one dose orally and another anally at the same time. The intent is that the absorbtion rate is different between the two methods and the effects differ giving a different total effect.
Its origins started with people inserting ecstasy pills in their backside (or plugging) to get a different effect and supposedly a faster hit due to the direct transfer to the blood stream because of the large number of capilliaries.

The term has broadened to include any drug when taken through both orifices at the same time.
The name comes from the song by "The Bangles", "Walk Like an Egyption" where people pointed a hand outwards from their head and there backside to look like people depicted in ancient egyptian artworks. Hence the reverse egyption is a hand inwards to the head and backside or mouth and anus. It origin is from Scooter in Brisbane, Australia, 2008.
1. When the pills are weak I might double drop but Janey goes the reverse egyption.
2. Mary doesn't like to go the reverse egyption, she says plugging spoils her bottom fun.
3. Bob likes the reverse egyption, he says they come on faster and the high is higher.
4. Uncle Pete was complaining that he had to get the reverse egyption every day for a week at the nursing home.
by DocSparkle March 21, 2010
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