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retarded barbies are a fast growing social group of people found all over the uk. mainly retarded barbies also known as R.B´s are aged 16-19 and most commonly found in learning establishments such as schools and colleges, however R.Bs lack in intelligence and therefore use these buildings as a rest station between drinking days, to sober up.

generosity knows no bounds with these people, sharing everything from clothes to boyfriends.

you can recognise R.B´s easily by there fashion dress, they try to keep up with the latest fashions while tryin to customise it themselves which doesnt work making them fashion victims that look like gypsys.

although its a rareity, R.B´s do work,but its generally at a hotel doing "bar/waitressing work" but mostly they use D.A.D.D.Y as a personal banking service.

but all in all we salute you R.B´S, things wouldnt be the same without you
most of the female population of manchester that arent chavs!
by psychotic August 12, 2005
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