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exceptionally small school that just recently decided to build a huge addition to the school and give all of the first graders lockers. When Sr. Joan and Sr. Mary Dee like to go around and antagonzie all of the boys for getting paper towels wet and throwing on the celing of the bathroom which, legend says has a couch. There, all of the eighth graders think that they are all that and have this retarded "buddy system" with the kindergarteners. A middle school teacher, known as Mrs. Whatley likes to go around and scare everyone by telling them to tape their thumbs to the back of their hands. Mrs. Clar is known for her chicken mummification which is really an excuse to tortue the kids and stink up the entire school. THe sond "this is hell" by elvis costello explain rsps quite nicely.
Sr. Joan- "I would like to know which of you is getting wads of paper towels and throwing it unto the celing."
by Maeve Bledel April 19, 2005
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