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Respect the Spot is a common phrase typically used by automotive enthusiasts (street racers) when announcing or planning a rally location to meet other fellow enthusiasts. In laymen's terms, it simpy states that you should act like a responsible adult incuding picking up your own trash. It mainly denotes barring anyone from bringing ANY WEAPONS, ALCOHOL, DRUGS, OR TROUBLESOME PEOPLE TO THE MEETING LOCATION. This also includes REVVING YOUR ENGINE OR ATTEMPTING TO DO BURNOUTS, DRIFITNG or RACING at the spot as it attracts unwanted attention from the heat.

This phrase usually goes without saying and generally is respected with a few common instances of abuse from crapbox ricers and those who really feel the need to compensate for something.

Don't be an asshole and ruin the fun for everyone. Respect the spot and rive safe!!!
Buddy: "Hey did you hear about what went down at the parking garage meet last Sunday?!"

Me: "I heard there were ricers revving and peeling out.. hence all the cops showing up.."

Buddy: "They started writing tickets and impounding vehicles just because a few assholes couldn't respect the spot!"
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by _Darkstar_ July 12, 2017
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