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the seventh studio album from the Famous Self Made Millionaire Eminem then from in on out D12's album will be next,With Exclusive rapper proof back with D on a track...He never left..!
yeaah!,that high potency Rap is Crack to my ears,Fuck Lil Wayne,i ain't feel non of that sh!t he sayin,I heard mixtapes better then his Studio album..but i be waitin for the relapse 2 after the first one,That garbage shit Sucka Mc's puttin out...T.I singin with the weak ass white bread justin,soldja boy with a fuckin Gay ass dance makin Black people look bad like flavor flav & Krumping..Dumb ass nigga's..Cut that shit out when Obama's Prez,we dont need retarded ghetto shit.
by homeboy March 21, 2009
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