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Regina "Reggie" Rocket resides in Ocean Shores, California. She is the brother of Oswald "Otto" Rocket and the daughter of Ray "Raymundo" Rocket. She is an excellent kid action athlete and one of the best in the world as seen from the New Zealand competition. She is the second best kid action athlete behind her brother Otto Rocket. However, she is very often on par with him and in many instances even better. She is an excellent skateboarder, surfer, wind surfer, blader, hockey player, biker, snowboarder, and skiier. Her friends are Maurice "Twister" Rodriguez, Sam "Squid" Dulalrd, Trish, and Sherry. She also goes by Rocket Girl.
Reggie: Its okay Sammy, just do it like this
Sam: Thanks Reggie!

Raymundo: Way to go Rocket Girl!!
Otto: Awesome move Reg!

Announcer: What is your name?
Reggie: Reggie Rocket
by RocketPowerSwoosh2 November 25, 2013
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