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Latin for "rectum-licking".

This refers to the act of inserting the tongue beyond the anus & deep into the rectum itself. Typically the receiver must bend forward so as to spread the buttock cheeks apart, allowing the performer's tongue to penetrate through the anus & into the rectum as deeply as possible. As opposed to analingus, which, strictly speaking, only refers to the act of licking the puckered anal entrance alone. Also to be distinguished from buttock-licking, which connotes sucking the glutes only, & not even the crack.

Rectolingus is usually confounded with analingus & buttock-licking in the puritanical Protestant World (ie. Anglo-Saxon, Germanic & Scandinavian lands) & rigid Catholic world (ie. Italy & the "most Catholic" Hispanic lands). However, in the refined Oriental traditions (as shown in the practises of various Tantrics, Levantine Gnostics, some Dravidian tribes & certain Islamic Sufics), rectolingus is clearly distinguished from other related acts. The same holds true for the Orientalized & "least Catholic of the Catholic" Lusophone, Venetian & Alpine (Burgundian & Swiss) worlds (as exemplified in the rites of the Templars, Brazilian erotica, & witchcraft rituals). In all these regions, this act is seen as a symbol of extreme erotic dominance, total sexual submission, or as a way of unlocking the tremendous powers trapped at the base of the spine, called Kundalini by Prakritic Tantrics.
1) Jack: I love Portuguese Porno, like that from Brazil!
Jill: Why ?
Jack: They show rectolingus!

2) The dominant Portuguese Donas usually insist that their lovers perform long foot-worship before granting them the awesome honour of being able to worship their big white buttocks. Only once they have devotedly licked their entire glutes would they be permitted to then move on to analingus. After they have cleansed the entire length of the anal crack thoroughly they will then be allowed to perform the ultimate act of worship: rectolingus.

3) A Satanist ritual was being practised in remote Galicia in Portugal, far from the prying eyes of the Castilian Inquisitors. A tall fair man stood upright on the hill, wearing the red mask of Satan, naked, surrounded by three circles of seated men & women, several from the Templar-dominated, Celtic Portuguese aristocracy. An aspiring young witch her her face buried deep between the fair buttocks of the incarnation of Satan. After she had performed buttock-licking & then analingus, he ordered her to perform rectolingus.

4) It was high up in the mountains of Kashmir. The young Sufic disciple moved his tongue around in circles inside his teacher's rectum & rythmically pressed against the base of his spine. Thus, the Kashmiri Sufic teacher felt his kundalini become unlocked and rise up his back. He sighed as he felt the immense power of the secret chakra radiate through his body. Finally, he had become immortal.
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza December 25, 2010
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