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A condition where the rectum has a quite rational fear of being penetrated by a large member (again) and therefore has a reaction akin to a "panic attack"-causing the owner of said rectum to faint and therefore become incapable of participating in said sexual act-to the great relief of the rectum.
"Hey Baby-hows about some kinky butt sex"
"Sure Hun-lets go"
Anus...."Fuuuuuuckkkk....Noooooo.....Im still sore and slightly stretched from the last time..noooo..this causes physiological symptoms of "rectal hyperventilation" similiar to a panic attack where the "flight or flight"mechanism is hampered by the butts inability to send nerve messages to the legs to get the fuck away-instead it causes "Baby" to collapse in a faint in a public place making anal sex impossible or at least illegal!
by Iamthecupoftea May 18, 2010
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