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A strategy that a losing team may try to use to get back ahead in a game of DotA 2. It involves a single player or more sneaking along a side lane to push towers while the rest of the team distracts the enemies in a different section of the map. If the 'rat' draws attention from the enemies and is confronted, they may simply run, teleport, or shadowblade to another lane to continue their ratting. Popular rat heroes are Tinker, Nature's Prophet, Phantom Assassin, or any hero that has high wave-clear and a Shadowblade/Teleport.
Tidebringer: Let's push their rax now.
Crystal Maiden: Wait, there's only 4 of them dead after that team fight...
Your ancient is under attack!
Tinker: Rat doto too stronk, gg.
by ArbiterSpirit May 16, 2015
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