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(Lp) The rapper Lp real name (Nicholas Alexander Curry) born June 16, 1992 was raised in columbus, Ohio on the south side of the city by his mother who was also a single parent. Lp first started with music at the age of 8 years old and is now currently one of the most know under ground rapper's in the mid west. His mix tape (High School Knock out) yet to be released is one of the most talked about mix tapes of 2010. For being a young rapper at age 17 coming from a small city columbus out of the state of ohio most people thought he would not even make it too the level of being known in the Columbus area but to everyone's amazement in his small city in Columbus he has been now know to be the talk of the town from even being mention as being on a lil wayne (Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.)or former rapper drake (Aubrey Drake Graham) standard of rapping. Lp's Mix tape (High School Knock Out) will be free of charge and can also be found on most music download websites.
the rapper Lp is the new boy in the hip hop world striking everybody by his unthinkable lyrics and complex meanings of the word choice he uses in his songs. Lp is also known for being the new it boy in the music indrustry having everyone who listens too him free styles or songs begging for more.
by Lp the rapper April 25, 2010
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