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The Random Scale or, The R.R. System is the measure of how random to Right a person is. On a line scale, the middle point is neutral. The other end on the left is Random, and the space between the neutral and the random is "neutral random". On the right of Neutral, is the "Right" ppl. Between the Right and the neutral is "neutral Right". (see eg.1 for a better understanding..)
Random Ppl can have a level of seriousness. They they move slowly up the scale but still maintain a level of randomness.
When right ppl attempt to be random, then the scale swtiches! This is called The Switch
Random person:..i have a pineapple...and it is pink..=D
Right person: ..Rigggghhhht
(By saying a random coment to someone, u can determine wether they are random or right by their answer)
by *WiCkeD* March 22, 2005
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