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Comes from the campus of Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa, where the school mascot is the ram. Much like beer goggles, Ada goggles, and others, ram goggles occur when a respectable bro is forced to drastically reduced his standards of women, food, society in general, and especially WOMEN! Ram googles are a great way to coup with literally eating anemic bull semen, dealing with LARPers (commonly referred to as Narnians), and outrageously average or below average girls who think that their intelligence is what will make them sexy and therefore are content with looking like the offspring of a naked mole rat and a bearded hippopotamus...seriously ladies?
that girl is sexy!" "dude she has a mustache and is carrying a styrofoam sword... you're ram goggles are kickin in brah.
by makebadchoiceshere13 November 11, 2010
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