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This is the aftermath of when a woman has had a child or more than one.It is the left over,stretched out,stretch marked,deflated and hanging skin on a womans stomach area.Sometimes tiger stripped and shiny,resembling a brindle pattern.It could also happen to anyone who goes from tooo fat to tooo skinny in thier life.Usually noticed at your local flea market and, or walmart, when a woman puts on a pair of low cut,too tight ,or even stretchy pants to make herself feel skinny again.The woman, will usually look like a caterpillar from behind.The stripped,hanging thing with its oversized belly button crease will come out and say "hi".
JOE,says,"DAMN",check out the raisin belly on that fat bitch.JOHN,says,if that were your lady you wouldnt ever need a blanket in bed,you could just stretch that shit over your side and crash out.JOE,says,right right.
by "ELBOWMAC" December 07, 2009
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