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When an individual suffers from "rage quit" in a social or personal environment. The sufferer tends to "shut down," becoming socially distant, quiet, reclusive, and non-responsive. Sufferers cease all personal or social interactions, even amongst friends. They also tend to fall asleep, even in the midst of others present.
RSD individuals CHOOSE not to interact with individuals, making them appear as a douchebag or cockfag

Bouts of these incidences can be thought of as a mix of light depression and aggravation due to anger and pent up emotions and frustrations towards others within the social group/friends (hence, the "rage quit")

Rage shutdown is also known as "RSD"
That cockfag in the corner doesn't like talking to his friends when hanging out, and so he always dozes off; he suffers from rage shutdown.
by Bermuda Triangle March 23, 2011
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