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Quief Slit, N.

1.) A slit through which a woman quiefs; slang or vulgar term for a leaky vagina.

2.) A term of endearment that can be used to call your friends.

*Not to be confused with the often over used term piss slit.

*Works well when you use the word fucking right before it to add emphasis.
"Hey dude, look at that hot fat chick!"
"Are you serious bro?? OMG! Take off your boner goggles I bet she has a quief slit as long as my arm!"

"Ya I have Curtis in my Science class next period, he is a huge douche."
"I agree man he is a douche, not to mention a total fucking quief slit! Come on Mike its puff puff pass, not puff puff puff puff pass. Now your being a quief slit too, fucking ass pirate!"
by TotalJerk May 17, 2012
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