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Purse whoopin; The act of reducing an attacker to tears with a hand bag, shopping bag or strapped purse. This is usually done to young brassy thug type males, intent on same purse or some other physical type abuse. The defensive act of 'purse whoopin' requires no special skill or talent but seems to come naturally to the purse bearer.

NOTE; There need not be any visible, audible or physical aggression to receive a 'purse whoopin' one need only achieve the tipping point level of smirk, whistle, or barely audible chuckle at the right time and place to be the unhappy reciepant of a "damn good purse whoopin, junior!"
Jerrod; Junior, what the heell is all that damn blue marks on you facial areas?

Junior; Man, dats the shits if ever I dun seen it. That crazy ass bitch like to killed me in the elevator with a bag full of rocks or sumpin!

Jerrod; What? sheeit!! you got yousef a purse whoopin!
by The Repurposed Male October 17, 2014
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