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1. A noob that comes from a family of noobs.
2. A person that seems to be doing everything for the first time.
3. A person who can win once or twice at something and lose the rest of the time of they spend playing.
1.Parents(noobs) ask:"What room is the parent teacher conference in?"
Pure-blooded noob answers:"I don't know, they said that there would be a poster saying where it will be held."
*The poster is right behind them*

2.Pure-blooded noob:"How are you suppose to bubble in the buubles in a scantron? Are we suppose to write our name in the TAKS test booklet? If we can write our name in the TAKS test booklet, it means that we can write our answers in it right?"
*The person has taken the test for 8 years*

3.*Two friends playing slayer in Halo*
Pure-blooded noob:"Yes,I killed you first and you didn't even hurt me"
*End of the game: pure-blooded noob killed friend 1 time; friend killed pure-blooded noob 25 times*

by Buenohead2482161 April 01, 2009
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