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The best seaside city to go on vacation if you want to act like a celebrity. Even if you´re staying in a shack and driving a piece of crap, you´ll think you´re the king of the world and be even more desperate to get as many stickers (of EVERYTHING, banks, supermarkets, stores, services, gas stations, tea etc, etc, etc)to presume that you went to "Punta" and went to the Conrad Hotel (the best 5 stars in Latin America) even if you just went to the hall to see the limos and try to spot someone famous.

If you´re really "chic" then you hate the stickers ruining your SUV window, if you´re poor or normal, you´ll come back with no space in your windows and full of t-shirts and souvenirs on whick you spent a fortune on.
1)"Man, I went to Punta del Este!"
"Yeah, I saw you car, Mr. Bank Boston!"

2)-I heard Paris Hilton was gonna be there, but that´s what they say every year
-Really? omfg then I´m going!
by Luchi November 13, 2007
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