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also known as PAMING. this is when somebody either falls in front of many boys, trips over air, trips up and down stairs, falls off bleachers, makes random humorous mistakes, starts food on fire, falls out of her chair, and puts wad on the end of insults. pulling a michelle will result in being made fun of by all who are near.
girl: (makes embarrassing mistake)

broski: wow you are totally pulling a Michelle

by broski :) October 15, 2009
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A person whom you dont know often stalks, and will give you a hug unexpectedly, often from behind.
guy 2-So how did your date last night go
guy 1-Oh it was awesome. after the date we went to her room an i fu-
*guy 3 hugs guy 1 from behind*
guy 1-WTF are you doing asshole?
guy 2-dude that creep just pulled a michelle
guy 1-Yeah pulling a michelle is gay you asshole.GTF away!
by CMastersofdisquiseH July 16, 2009
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