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Pulling a Penelope can have a variety of definitions.
a) there is a party you werent invited to, and you invite yourself.
b)to believe you are something you are not, like a skater, or a punk, when you are really a prep
c)to wear really tight clothes even though you're fat. and no honey, you dont look good
a) person 1: hey did you know Erica just got here?
Person 2: what i didnt even invite her! shes pulling a penelope.

b) Offender: OMG! you guys i totally like love my new bans! IM SUCH LIKE A PUNK! LIKE OMG
Person 1: what a dumbass. shes prep. god shes pulling a penelope.

c) person 1: OMG WTF!? look at what that girl is wearing! low cut shirt and hella tight jeans, ew her rolls are hanging out. shes pulling a penelope forsure.
by penelopesbffff January 25, 2010
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