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1) "Let's get out of here" or "Let's go". Used primarily by pilots, "Pull Chaulks" refers to pulling out the tire chaulks from either side of a plane's landing gear so that it can get underway. The words are often accompanied by a hand signal performed by holding two fists (with thumbs extended) together at mid-chest level and pulling each fist back towards it's corresponding shoulder. The verbal component and the hand signal are interchangable.

2) Can also be used to mean "Hurry up".
1) co-pilot: "Ready to go?"
pilot: "Yeah, pull chaulks."

2) pilot: "Pull chaulks, man. You're taking forever!"
co-pilot: "Sorry, I suck too much balls to go any faster."
pilot: "Kill yourself..."
by DragonZSG June 26, 2007
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