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An industrial/aggro tech band formed circa 2000 in Castro Valley,Ca. They had beeen formed By lead vocalist and lyricist Nero Bellum(also known as Marshall Carnage) and lead-guitarist Josef heresy.They had spent many years within the underground and grew over-time a severly devoted fan base and cult-following;Known for their anti-christian(nihilistic lyrics)and a common controversy over the name being partly derived off of th name of a gas used at extinction camps in WW2 to kill jews(Zyklon-B).They have been on many tours wih several leading bands within the aggro/industrial metal genre including Mushroomhead and some other notable bands.They belong to the german label Noi-tekk and the american branch of the label known as Metropolis.
Me "Psyclon 9 pwns all your stupid nu-metal and mallcore shit!"

mallcore kid"This shit sucks"

Me"No it does'nt you are just listening to so much sucky shit that by proportion you are unaware as to what good music is!"
by Olàfr September 14, 2007
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