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A video made by G4 that is not an advertisement. The video is not an advertisement it is just a funny skit put together by G4.
Guy 1:HaHaHa that commercial for the wii is funny

Guy 2: (bitch slaps him) what the fuck is wrong with you that is not a commercial it's just a skit.

Guy 1: ooooohh sorry

Guy 2: ps3 vs wii is not made by nintendo it is made by G4.
by superninjapenguin February 25, 2007
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1. A rather hilarious commercial for the Nintendo Wii, mocking the previous Mac vs. pc Commercials. Just google it, dude. It's funny.
2. A comparison that the Wii obviously wins.
3. Any similar comparison.
1. Wii Girl: I like gokarts!
Ps3 Girl: I like WWII combat and my vibration function is turned off!
2. Ps3 Vs Wii? Come on, did you seriously buy that $600 piece of shit?
3. Bee Arthur hotter than Pam Anderson? Come on, that's Ps3 Vs Wii.
by dethklok November 20, 2006
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