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When the mood, and excitement of a certain event in addition to your crazy hormones trick you into seeing someone else in a whole new, romantic light for a brief period of time. Mostly occurs at high school proms when you witness your date looking more attractive than usual and having a good time with you; you suddenly feel like you want to spend the rest of your life with them so the fun will never end and that you two are soul mates. Usually wears off within a week if you aren't in a committed relationship with them.
Bob: Dude, I think I'm in love with Sadie...
John: What?! Really? I thought you two were just friends? Oh wait, don't tell me you got prom goggles last night!
Bob: No dude, I'm serious! Last night it just clicked in my head that we were meant to be together!
John: Uh uh. Whatever you say...

prom goggles lust fun date love high school hormones excitement serious friend crazy delusional
by Shitzu4you May 15, 2013
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