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1. One who finds ways to obtain answers to tests other than through one's own personal knowledge
1a. Specifically, one who cleverly uses the other side of a scantron to read
the answers during a makeup test, fooling everyone
2. One who does not feel the rules every student must abide by apply to him/her
3. One who, in the event that a major cheating ring he/she was in charge of gets busted, finds a way to be the only person not officially blamed
4. One who always has an aliby or a reason as to why any suspected cheating was a misunderstanding
4a. If all else fails, one who will bring in his dominating mother and/or lawyer to settle things with the high school administration
There are a few good cheaters in my high school, but only one professional cheater - he was simply disgusting.
by His loyal jester September 30, 2006
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